Get the latest version of the Flash Player

Move System Requirements

A copy of Flash Player 8 installed in your web browser application is the only thing required in order to view a site created with Move. Any version of Flash Player 8 or higher will work. Get the latest version of the Flash Player for free from Macromedia.

Runtime Logic Move

Move is a Flash website development framework that provides the common foundation that every Flash website requires, and allows the website developer to focus on the design and content of thir Flash website. To learn more about the Move technology, please visit the Runtime Logic website.

For Technical Users

Move will also work with Flash Player 7 if the website you are viewing does not use embedded fonts. Most people have Flash Player 8, but the website developer has the option to use only external fonts or the included bitmap fonts if they desire maximum compatibility.

Move does not use JavaScript to attempt to detect the version of the Flash Player plug-in installed on the client browser. There are inherent problems with this technique and our goal is to make the Move technology available to everyone. For a good explanation of these issues, please see Moock's note on Flash Player detection.